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TRX Suspension Training: Get Beach Body Ready


TRX Suspension Training System

The TRX gives us a great opportunity to take our explosive exercises and use them in a unique and new environment. The TRX allows for our athletes to get greater explosive movement effort while decreasing forces upon landing (as compared to traditional Plyometrics).

This is especially important when dealing with larger athletes and those who are lacking strength and stability for traditional plyometric exercises (especially on many unilateral movements).

Read on for some of our favorite explosive TRX exercises.


Jump squat

Start position: Feet in front of the body with weight shifted back, arms extended.

Execution: Deep squat with arms extended as you jump, push downward with the arms to attain greater jumping height. Decelerate using your arms as needed.

Jump Squat with TRX Suspension Trainer

Pistol squat jump

Start position: Foot placed in front of the body, opposite leg extended out in front of body.

Execution: Deep squat with arms extended, jump as high as possible switching legs at the high point of the jump landing on opposite foot. Use arms for stabilizing and decelerating as needed.

Pistol Squat Jump with TRX Suspension Trainer

180-Degree Jump

Start position: hips turned perpendicular to shoulders with rear foot crossed over so that is starts in front of front foot. Feet wider than shoulder width apart.

Execution: Keep eyes and shoulders facing forward entire time, jump as high as possible rotating hips 180 degrees in opposite direction at the highest point. Land with rear foot crossed over in front of front foot.

180-Degree  Jump with TRX Suspension Trainer

Ice Skater Jump

Start position: Arms extended, body off to one side with outside foot on ground and inside foot crossed behind.

Execution: Squat down reaching rear foot across as far so possible. Drive off outside leg trying to cover as much distance as possible as you land on opposite foot and swing rear leg behind.

Ice Skater Jump with TRX Suspension Trainer

Jumping Push-Up

Start position: Push-up position with handles approximate one foot off the ground with feet wider than hip width. Note that raising the TRX handles will make the movement easier.

Execution: Lower into a push-up then forcefully drive up pushing with arms and feet to lift entire body off the ground. land and decelerate using your entire body to stabilize the TRX.

Jumping Push-Up with TRX Suspension Trainer



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