Men's Health Power Training by Robert dos Remedios

Double your results in half the time with this muscle-packed program from America’s top strength coach!

Your New Plan for Explosive Strength

You’ve found the ultimate workout plan to build the body you want, while gaining strength and power without spending hours in the gym. The Power Training workout, developed by acclaimed strength and conditioning coach Robert dos Remedios, has helped hundreds of collegiate and pro athletes reach their potential.

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What people are saying about MEN’S HEALTH POWER TRAINING

Nick Grantham

“Men’s Health Power Training delivers in one book the knowledge and experience of one of America’s leading hands-on strength and conditioning coaches. The training guidelines can be applied to beginners and advanced trainees alike, and the information in this book will show you how to use the training methods used by athletes to develop total body strength.

Not only will you unlock the potential to get into great shape, you will possess newfound levels of functional strength. At last, a book that teaches you the fundamentals of training without the need for hype!”

Nick Grantham, MSc , CSCS
Regional Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach
English Institute of Sport

Adam Campbell

“Finally, a book that puts the ‘strength’ back in strength training. Robert dos Remedios uses his championship-proven formula to deliver results, not gimmicks.

This makes Men’s Health Power Training a must-read for anyone who wants to build a better-performing, better-working, and better-looking body.”

Adam Campbell, MS, CSCS
Men’s Health Sports and Nutrition Editor

Myatt Murphy

For over fourteen years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of this industry’s top strength coaches, personal trainers and kinesiologists in the world, but few have ever impressed me to the same degree as Robert dos Remedios.

His expertise in exercise is only surpassed by his ingenious workout routines. Men;s health power Training is not only a combination of both, but perhaps one of the best resources anyone that’s serious about building solid strength can have at their disposal.

Myatt Murphy
Men’s Health 1st Fitness Editor
author of The Body You Want in the Time You Have

Cameron McGarr

Robert dos Remedios builds the best athletes at the college level year after year. By no accident he has also built one of the best strength and conditioning products available today. Whatever your goals, physique transformation or athletic excellence. Men’s Health power Training is the perfect staple for your everyday fitness.

Cameron McGarr CSCS
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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Alwyn Cosgrove's Strength and Conditioning Interrogations

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No-holds-barred interviews with 21 leading experts!

Including: Lyle McDonald, Nick Grantham,Zach Even-Esh, Bill Hartman, Cameron McGarr, Chris Shugart, Craig Ballantyne, Chris Mohr, CJ Murphy,Robert Dos Remedios, Tom Venuto, Jason Ferruggia, Rachel Cosgrove, Jason C. Brown, Josh Henkin, Lee Taft, Lori Incledon, Mike Boyle, Mike Mahler, Tony Reynolds and Alwyn Cosgrove.

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Men's Health Cardio Strength Training by Robert dos Remedios

Cut workout time in half and get double the results!

Innovative workouts for a strong physique

If you’re a guy with little time to work out and pounds of fat to burn, the thought of having to spend hours in the gym lifting weights and doing cardio can be a daunting proposition. Now, Cardio Strength Training solves both problems with simple, fast, and effective workouts that incorporate challenging, muscle-building combination moves and fat-frying cardio exercises to help you kill two birds with one stone.

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Built on the same principles Robert Dos Remedios uses to train Division I collegiate athletes, CST provides safe and innovative workouts and nutritional advice for anyone looking to drop pounds of flab and build a functionally strong physique.

What people are saying about MEN’S HEALTH CARDIO STRENGTH TRAINING

Luke Sniewski

“Coach Dos seems to be leading the race for innovations in the strength and conditioning industry. This book is the perfect example of that edge that he has over the rest. At no point during his career has he remained educationally stagnant.

Instead, he continually experiments and finds new ways to excel his athletes. We readers are lucky that he documents and shares his findings with the rest of the world. Cardio Strength Training is epitome of these last statements.

This easy-to-follow and understandable guide allows anyone to implement new age metabolic fitness strategies that are appropriate for anyone. Not just for athletes, these workouts are extremely time-efficient, which is perfect for the Average Joe who works the daily grind and only has 30-40 minutes to workout.

In fact, with some of the protocols in this book, that may be too much time. As Dos so eloquently puts it, get out there and “DO WORK!”

Luke Sniewski, CPA, CES, PES
Founder, LEAF

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Men's Health Total Fitness Guide

Get bigger, stronger, better — today, with this concise and straight-forward manual to total fitness!

A Comprehensive Approach to Fitness

Men’s Health Total Fitness Guide will open the doors to total body fitness by presenting you with a comprehensive approach to fitness and your health.

This book is personally signed and delivered by Coach Robert dos Remedios!

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