BID VID – Break it Down Video Series I

Our very popular PREMIUM series “BID VIDS” which is a step-by-step breakdown of some incredible exercises (see list below) has been brought to our non-premium members via DVD. This is the first of many volumes and a MUST HAVE for trainers and coaches looking for insight into some very effective and efficient training tools and techniques.

This Volume is a compilation of 24 exercises all of which feature detailed analysis and breakdown of each movement. This 2 Disc set is 75+min. in duration and includes a DVD version and a DATA version that will enable you to upload all exercise videos to view on your computer or to take with you anywhere you go via smartphone, or iPod etc.!
Here is a list of the Volume I contents:

  • Barbell Jump shrug
  • Barbell Overhead squat
  • Barbell Hang clean
  • Barbell Clean pull
  • Barbell Clean-grip Hang snatch
  • Barbell Front squat
  • KB rotational swings
  • Making and using a Slosh pipe
  • Kettlebell Windmill
  • Sandbag-TRX Fusion for rotational power
  • TRX inverted moves
  • TRX anti rotation and soup stir core
  • TRX vertical pulling exercises & techniques
  • Dumbbell hang snatch
  • Kipping pull-ups vs. dead hang pull-ups
  • TRX pushing combo
  • TRX shoulder pulling combo
  • Kettlebell Turkish Getup
  • TRX extreme leg extension
  • TRX face pull-hugs mistakes and corrections
  • Divebomber and judo pushup
  • Sandbag snatch and rotational snatch
  • TRX grappler push-pull
  • Frankie’s TRX Advanced moves

Check out a sample BID VID….this is one of my favorites! The TRX anti-rotation and soup stir core movements!

Get yours today  $49.95