Coach Dos is the very first person I look to for new exercise ideas for myself and my clients, and I often use him as an expert source when I’m writing about fitness for various publications, as well.

He is a veritable font of training wisdom, and is extremely generous with his time and know-how. If you listen to Dos, you’ll never stop learning, you’ll get a hell of a lot stronger and leaner, and you will never, ever be bored by your training regimen.

– Jen Sinkler, Thrive as the Fittest

Coach Dos is one of the most creative and practical strength coaches I know. Every time I talk with him I learn something new. Lucky to call him a friend

– Ron McKeefery, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Eastern Michigan University

Coach Dos is the best coach in the business bar none. This is not hyperbole, there is no coach working with as many athletes on a daily basis as coach Dos. Dos isn’t just “in the trenches,” he digs the trench, owns the trench, and fills his trench with amazing training programs and coaching. His training is to the point, his coaching is beyond effective, quite simply I cannot think of a coach from whom I have learned more.

– Wilson Fleming, Owner Force Fitness & Performance, Olympic lifting expert

It can be difficult in today’s fitness world to find reliable, innovative, and work based upon decades of work. Coach Dos does just that! He brings decades work with athletes to impressive progressions and programs so that anyone can attain the incredible results his athletes have experienced.

– Josh Henkin, CSCS, Creator DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Robert dos Remedios is one of top fitness experts on the planet. A true leader in the field of strength and conditioning, He is one of Men’s Health’s most trusted fitness advisors.

– Adam Campbell, Fitness Director, Men’s Health

Robert Dos Remedios is one of the best hands-on, real world coaches that I know. Dos works in the trenches at College of the Canyons every day. Although he is an author and an internet entrepreneur he has real street credibility based on twenty years of solid coaching.

– Michael Boyle, World-renowned strength coach

Dos is an expert at what he does – not because he is a high-profile coach that high level athletic talents seek out to help refine their already considerable skills – but because he works with real people in the real world hundreds of timed every single day.

With a proven track record, Coach Dos has more subjects come through his laboratory (the weight room and field), giving him more real-world information than you can find anywhere.

Welcome to Dos’ World. Wait for the researchers to catch up…

– Alwyn Cosgrove, Owner Results Fitness, World-renowned conditioning expert

Coach Dos is one of the most innovative, engaging educators in the field today. As a presenter has a unique ability to connect with trainers & to inspire them to take their programming & professionalism to a new level.

– Geralyn Coopersmith, NIKE Director of Performance

Coach Dos brings enthusiasm, motivation, discipline and results to his training sessions and workshops. I am always psyched when I get to work or teach with Dos because I know we are all in for a great time and practical knowledge. Dos is relentless in staying on top of the latest information and programming for his athletes and coaches.

– Chris Frankel, TRX Head of Human Performance