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BID / WOW MASHUP! Explosive Rotation Variations

Today I walk us thru my superband setup and talk about how these explosive rotations, lifts, and chops are a HUGE part of my...

BID VID – Adding a Superband to a DB Bench Press

Super fun and effective way to add load to your DB bench press variations - today I demo some do's and don'ts when adding...

WOW – Ultimate Sandbag + Crawling in the Park!

Always a great idea to get out in the sun and DO WORK! I take advantage of a park next to my house that...

WOW – The SINGLE Superband Workout!

This workout is PERFECT when you're on the road (and why you should always pack a superband in your bag when you travel)!

WOW – Outdoor / Park Workout with Jen Sinkler

Here's a cool little circuit with little to no equipment...... Jen and I go through a variety of movement patterns including the following: Stairs...


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