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WOW – Barbell Explosive, Squat, Hinge Complex

One of the best Complexes to not only rev up the metabolism and build great strength and power.....this will really allow you to practice...

BID VID – Barbell Squat & Hinge Reminders

Thought this was a great time to get back to basics with a Barbell and Groove your Squat and Hinge patterns! We look at...

WOW – 3 Move Barbell Complex

Simple but rough as long as you load things up! Muscle Snatch, Push Press, and Front Squat!

BID VID – Sandbag “Fist-hold” positioning Tips

One of the more technical exercises to do with the Ultimate Sandbag is to clean to, press from, or front hold squat from a...

WOW – Back to Complexes!

  Decided to bring back the KING OF ALL CARDIO STRENGTH TRAINING...COMPLEXES! This complex using a hang muscle clean, Push Press, and Front Squat will tax...

BID VID – Why Front Squats are Better than Back Squats

I haven't used back squats with my athletes/clients in over 10 years....why?! Watch this BID VID to see my rationale. Remember - Squatting vs....


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