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WOW – My Go-To 15:45 Circuit!

If you know me, you KNOW I believe that HEAVY, INTENSE MRT sessions are the most effective for fitness, fat loss, work capacity and...

WOW – My GoTo 30:30

I REALLY hang my hat on solid 30:30's as I feel this is such a great protocol to build work capacity. Today i take...

BID VID – KB Rope Swing

A GAME CHANGER for your Swing-Game! Try this KB swing variation to get even more range of motion, strength, and power out of your...

BID VID – KB Swing Variations

Kettlebells are the source of lots of errors in how they should be performed. Let's go back to basics and look at some variations...

BID VID – 2 Kettlebells….1 hand

  Let's load up our single arm swings by holding 2 kettlebells in one hand!


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