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WOW – Ultimate Sandbag 20:40 MRT Circuit

Back to HEAVY basics and adhering to our MRT protocol guidelines! This is a perfect, one piece of equipment style circuit since the loading...

WOW – Barbell Explosive, Squat, Hinge Complex

One of the best Complexes to not only rev up the metabolism and build great strength and power.....this will really allow you to practice...

BID VID – Barbell Squat & Hinge Reminders

Thought this was a great time to get back to basics with a Barbell and Groove your Squat and Hinge patterns! We look at...

WOW – 20:40 USB Circuit

One tool, one outcome.......RESULTS! Dialing in our MRT (metabolic Resistance Training) circuits for optimal strength and metabolic burn has been a work in progress...

WOW – Sandbag Complex

If you've been playing with the Ultimate Sandbags, try this complex out! 4-5 sets of this and you will be DONE!


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