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WOW – Ultimate Sandbag 20:40 MRT Circuit

Back to HEAVY basics and adhering to our MRT protocol guidelines! This is a perfect, one piece of equipment style circuit since the loading...

WOW – 20:40 KB-Only Circuit

Heavy MRT circuits are possibly the BEST protocol to gain fitness, power, strength, and lose fat. Today I use a KB-only 20:40 to put...

WOW – Barbell / USB Complex

Back to the "King of all cardio strength training"  - COMPLEXES! Simple 3 moves: Clean, Press, Squat.....pick your poison - heavy with lower reps or...

WOW – Kettlebell 20:40 MRT Circuit

So today I take us through a pretty heavy loaded 20:40 (remember the name of the game with these MRT protocols is HEAVIER LOADING...

WOW – MRT 20:40 USB Circuit

We are continuing to dial-in our MRT circuits and loading - today I use ONLY an Ultimate Sandbag to go thru a pretty intense...

BID VID – Dialing in the Ultimate Sandbag Press

Let's dial in a great exercise...the Ultimate Sandbag Press!

BID VID – The Vertical Press Barbell Variations

Pretty simple but sometimes there is confusion in terminology  - we can also get more out of these lifts with some simple tips!

BID VID – Sandbag “Fist-hold” positioning Tips

One of the more technical exercises to do with the Ultimate Sandbag is to clean to, press from, or front hold squat from a...

BID VID – KB Strict Press Tips

Today I take us through a few tips for improving your Kettlebell STRICT PRESS!

BID VID – Kettlebell Hand Placement

Sometimes something as simple as adjusting how and where you grip the KB can make a WORLD of difference! Try out these tips and...


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