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I have hailed the Ultimate Sandbag MAX Lunge as "The best exercise on the planet". Today I stick with my opinion and talk about...

BID VID – Barbell Squat & Hinge Reminders

Thought this was a great time to get back to basics with a Barbell and Groove your Squat and Hinge patterns! We look at...

WOW – Power Training Style Full-Body Lift

Been doing lots of MRT circuits lately so wanted to showcase a classic Power Training Full-Body lifting session! Entire workout took about 40 min....


This is my GO-TO workout when I'm traveling... Especially when I want to enjoy the outdoors! Using Only a TRX we can address ALL the...

WOW- Staggered / Split Stance Countdown

This is a great countdown / finisher that will really hit the staggered/split-stance position from both a hip and knee-dominant fashion. Double KB Stagger...

BID VID – Squat vs. Hip Hinge

Some pretty effective teaching techniques to differentiate between a knee and hip dominant movement. the 'squat' here could be considered a deadlift....this is why...

VLOG – “Essential Movements” to train….

Let's talking some programming basics!  

WOW – Single DB Complex

Try this complex using only a single DB! Explosive, pulling, hinging, and knee dominant moves all in one complex!

Bid Vid – Breaking down the Step-Up

Possibly my favorite knee dominant exercise, the step-up. Let's take an up-close look at this GREAT lift!


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