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BID VID – 2-Hand Kettlebell Flip

This is a classic and I noticed that the old BID VID I had made is not longer available on my site so I...


Such a great exercise....but one that is often hacked and done improperly

WOW – Kettlebell 20:40 MRT Circuit

So today I take us through a pretty heavy loaded 20:40 (remember the name of the game with these MRT protocols is HEAVIER LOADING...

BID VID – KB Figure 8’s

This is a GREAT go to move to incorporate into ALL types of circuits or as a basic stand-alone exercise. I love exercises that...

BID VID – KB Frontal Plane Snatch + Windmill

It's nice to be able to take the KB out of the sagittal plane at times - Today I talk about "crossing the midline"...

BID VID – Kettlebell Armbar

The KB armbar is an amazing mobility exercise that my boy Frankie taught me - today he walks us thru this great exercise!  

WOW – KB “crossing midline” Complex

Virtually ALL Kettlebell exercises move primarily in the sagittal plane. Today I take you through a very cool complex where we will use 3...

WOW – High Tension Aerobic/Strength Workout 2.0

Such a fun workout that I completed with S&C coach Joel Gunterman. We performed this using a 60:50 work:rest to create a little more turmoil...

BID VID – KB Rotational Clean & Snatch

  KB's are great but they can be even more useful when we change our planes of movement - Try these clean and snatch variations...

BID VID – KB 2-Hand High Pull-Snatch

  A Simple, safe, and effective hinging-high pull move with a KB, the High-Pull-Snatch. This will also be part of this week's WOW!


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