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VLOG – THE BEST WAY to Train ?!?!

Today I Rant about "THE BEST" way most of us should be training ;o)

WOW – TRX ONLY Density Session

Today I put together one of the TOUGHER Density sessions ever....a TRX-ONLY Density. I know, sounds hokey....but it's NOT. This is a hypertrophy-laded, heavy...

WOW – SINGLE DB Density Session

One Dumbbell, One load, One TOUGH Density session! GIve this a try using the same loaded DB for ALL of the following exercises:...

WOW – ‘Complete’ Density Session

So this is not a COMPLETE density. NOT as in you have to see me perform the ENTIRE thing - Rather, this is the...


EMOM or "Every minute on the minute" is a sequence where you perform a set of work at the top of each minute. When...

WOW – Volleyball Density Training Session

Densities are the perfect strength training / metabolic training hybrid. When you dial in the proper loads and volumes you can create great hypertrophy...


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