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Flashback 20:40!

October Breast Cancer Awareness tribute with my Pink TRX in this flashback workout! Remember the intensity and loading we need for these intense MRT...

BID / WOW MASHUP! Explosive Rotation Variations

Today I walk us thru my superband setup and talk about how these explosive rotations, lifts, and chops are a HUGE part of my...

WOW – Ultimate Sandbag + Crawling in the Park!

Always a great idea to get out in the sun and DO WORK! I take advantage of a park next to my house that...

WOW – Cardio/Bodyweight/Strength Circuit !

Pretty easy circuit to set up and complete - little to no equipment. Make your body your barbell!

WOW – 15:45 Heavy Sandbag Circuit

I REALLY love heavy, density-styled circuits and today's WOW is a perfect example. The heavy burley makes for a GREAT single-tool circuit that is...

WOW – High Tension Aerobic/Strength Workout 2.0

Such a fun workout that I completed with S&C coach Joel Gunterman. We performed this using a 60:50 work:rest to create a little more turmoil...

WOW – 30:30 “Big guy with a Little Bag”

This is a great 30:30 using only one tool...a smaller Ultimate Sandbag. I use this bag for all 5 moves in this 30:30!

WOW – “Recovery” 60:30 circuit

This is a great way to get some lower intensity volume as a change up to very high intensity sessions. This is a 60...

WOW – Rope Countdown Finisher

This countdown is simple yet effective - grab your heavy jump rope and battle ropes and let's GOOOO!

WOW – Variable work/rest HIIT Session

Today we revisit Heart rate-based work an rest HIIT Intervals! I give a pretty thorough explanation in the video but to summarize - We...


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