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This is my GO-TO workout when I'm traveling... Especially when I want to enjoy the outdoors! Using Only a TRX we can address ALL the...

WOW – Bodyweight Countdown

    Here's a quick, simple (notice I didn't say EASY!), and fun little 'get it done' workout that only requires your body and a great...

WOW – Ultimate Sandbag + Crawling in the Park!

Always a great idea to get out in the sun and DO WORK! I take advantage of a park next to my house that...

WOW – Cardio/Bodyweight/Strength Circuit !

Pretty easy circuit to set up and complete - little to no equipment. Make your body your barbell!

BID VID – Plyometric Push-up Tips

Plyo pushups are the KING of all upper body explosive exercises and great for exposing core strength. Check out some tips and nuances with...

BIV VID – “Can’t Handstand You”

Ok, this is pretty cool partner stuff that Frankie came up with. Since the handstand pushup is much harder than the squats, I recommend...

BID VID – Parallette Core Swings

Great core move on the Parallettes!


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