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I believe that Mike Boyle started handicapping the presentations this last year for the Chicago Perform Better Summit and here is his take on this year’s Providence lineup so I figured I would take a shot at this year’s event in providence. Here is what I will recommend for those who may be confused or need a little push in a particular direction in Rhode Island.

Friday June 4, 2010 –

I love how the summit starts at a decent hour rather than the usual ROUGH 8am first day starts…thanks to Chris Poirier @ Perform Better…you DA MAN! = )

9:15am – Hands-on with the man, the myth, the LEGEND Steve Cotter for his “Classical Kettlebells for Advanced Fitness” presentation. I can’t wait for this one…been waiting a long time to meet up with Steve!

10:45am – Mike Boyle’s “Preparing to Work out”. Mike is a legend in the field and I always come away tidbits that I can put to use right away in my programs.

1:00pm – Martin Rooney’s “Art of exceptional Training” hands-on. If you’ve never been to a Martin Rooney hands-on you MUST get to this. Energy through the roof and you will get WORKED. For those who want to let your lunch digest a bit more, I recommend Lee Burton’s “Fundamentals and Techniques for Core Testing and Assessment” lecture. Lee is a brilliant person.

2:30pm – Brian Grasso’s “Success: It Has Nothing to do With Training or Business Knowledge” lecture. This will be my first Brian Grasso lecture as I have done his hands-on in the past. Brian is a great guy with a ton of great training knowledge

4:00pm- Fraser Quelch’s “Key Concepts in High Performance Body Weight Training” hands-on. C’mon, the TRX king in a hands-on? No brainer = )

5:30pm – Thomas Plummer’s “Passion Alone is Never Enough… Lessons of Success From Some of the Most Successful People in the Fitness Industry” presentation. Hey, I’m not even in the “fitness biz” but Thomas’ presentations are funny, informative and great time for all.

6:30pm – Social….Beers on ME! Well…they’re actually on Perform Better but I’ll run to the bar and grab you one….

Sat. June 5 –

8:00am – OK…so here’s the rough sat am start for folks like me but i will be in Todd Wright’s “Locomotion-If You Can’t Go From “A” to “B”, Then You Can’t Keep Up With Me!” lecture. If you have never seen Todd you need to get up for this one. Todd may be the brightest of all collegiate S&C coaches and one funny, funny dude.

9:30am – Eric Cressey’s “Medicine Ball Training for Performance and Health” hands-on presentation. Eric is WICKED SMAAART so I think I have a better chance of soaking everything in during his hands-on rather than constantly elbowing Alwyn Cosgrove during Eric’s lecture to ask him what the heck Eric just said over and over and over….

11am – I will be doing my “Cardio Strength Training” hands-on mayhem but if I wasn’t, I would probably be in Brett Jones “Kettlebell Power” lecture….I can’t get enough of Kettlebells these days! If you want to see me put Dewey Neilson through the ringer with some metabolic mayhem be sure to come by my hands-on…..gonna try to make him tap this year.

1:15pm – Once again I will be doing my “Cardio Strength Training” lecture but if I wasn’t I would be in Sue Falsone’s “The Thoracic Spine: The Missing Link When Discussing the “Core” lecture. Sue is an amazing mind and an even more amazing practitioner in this field, the REAL DEAL.

2:45pm – If you are looking for some great business information and more energy than a quad-shot Starbucks coffee you need to get to Todd Durkin’s “The 3-D Approach to Program Design for a Successful Fitness Business” lecture. If you want to learn TRX moves from one of the master’s of suspension training get your rear into Chris Frankel’s “Suspension Training Body Weight Exercise for Performance & Durability” hands-on. Both awesome dudes!

Sunday June 6 –

8:00am – Lee Taft’s “Getting the Feet Right for Speed” hands-on. If you work with athletes you NEED to get to one of Lee’s speed presentations. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from Lee over the years is this area.

9:30am – Robb Roger’s “Corrective Exercises for Groups” lecture. Okay…..Robb is one of the greatest collegiate S&C coaches of all time and one of my heroes in this field. He is a brilliant guy and I think I may have a little man-crush on him…

11:00am – David Jack’s “Coaching – From Good to Great” lecture. This will be the first time I see David but I have heard great things about him from some very close friends. I can’t get enough of real-life practitioners talking about what they do every single day with their athletes, good stuff!

Well, there you have it….my take on this year’s Perform Better Summit in Providence, RI. Before you get all over me for leaving out someone or choosing one person over another get over it. Perform Better has established themselves as the absolute pinnacle of continuing education in this field….nothing comes remotely close. Because of this, they bring in some amazing presenters and inevitable more than one great one will be talking during the same time slot…this is a GOOD problem to have folks! Hope to meet many of you next weekend and I am stoked to DO WORK with a record setting crowd of attendees!

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