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    Saw a great quote from a gym the other day….”30 is the new 60″! not age of course…..we are talking about how long your workouts should be.

    I have been preaching since Cardio Strength Training that if you tell me you can workout 3 times a week for an hour…..I would rather you workout 6 times a week for 30 min.

    Think of it as throwing more logs (more often) on that metabolism fire!

    Ryan Sellz

    I much prefer shorter, more frequent workouts as it’s easier for myself to get through mentally especially when I’m not feeling it that day.

    What do you think about duration of Metabolic Circuits. At what point are we going too long? I usually have anywhere from 20-30 total rounds at 30:30.

    I’ve also been using multiple shorter circuits for my clients. So I may use 2 Circuits: 30:20-30 x 10-15 Rounds. Instead of 1 Circuit 30:30 x 20-30 Rounds. I’ve been using a combination of both. I like the multiple shorter circuits as the extra rest between the circuits helps keep the intensity during the working sets longer.


    Yeah I think 30 min is pretty decent length. Higher intensity means the duration needs to be shorter otherwise you’re just kidding yourself. With things like 60:60’s the duration may be 45-60 min etc. but that’s only because the intensity is relatively lower.

    Troy Schott

    I have noticed that a 20 min 30:30 of 4 BW exercises, and thus done 5 rounds through is pretty good. I may finish that off with some sled pushing, tire flipping, or jumping rope. This gives me the opportunity to focus more on my skill development for martial arts.

    geir eikelia

    Do you think longer more aerobic workouts are importiant ?
    I done some roadwork.2 from Joel jamieson realy enjoyed it.
    Maffentoe also write about the importiant of aerobic work
    Any thoughts


    Geir – if you enjoy longer/aerobic work then go for it! Time is the #1 factor that people say hinders their fitness so shorter/more intense sessions tend to work best for most. I enjoy longer walks etc. twice a week as I feel like it helps me clear my mind a bit while still getting low level aerobic benefits.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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