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    Scott Tighe

    On average how many days a week do you strive to train for? Right now I’m shooting for 4-6 days a week. 3 strength and 2 circuit based days


    Hey Scott – I try to do something 6-7 days per week. Never really go over 30 min……at least 2 strength style sessions in the way of 15:45 or 20:40 circuits…..2 metabolic style like 30:30’s with higher volume….I teach a 30 min HIIT interval spin class (on those days I often also do some Oly lifts like a 5-4-3-2 grouping of hang cleans, muscle snatches etc. mixed with TRX rip trainer work to round out my movement planes),,,,then MAYBE one day typically sundays where i do a 60:60 style recovery day with carries, jump rope, mobility, battle ropes etc.

    Scott Tighe

    Thank you for the reply, I try to stay active everyday with weights, yoga, and some metabolic work myself


    I really want to exercise like this, when I figure out the work, and I can set my own schedule

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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