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    Dave Banks


    I’m hitting the gym again, goal is to increase muscle mass, move better…

    Last time I trained and achieved great results I was using MHPT 4 day push/pull (old style with rest periods) including finishers at the end (2012).

    I’ve got Dos complete program design and all his books…

    Question :- Do I do 4 day push/pull style from program design product and Include finisher at the end….. or is the new school of thought train everyday including CST stuff between my 4days…. will that affect my hyptropy … sorry just confused.



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    Hey Banksy!

    It’s completely up to you but I have just found that most people are trying to do ‘something’ most days of the week….if this was the case then yes I would do the 4 days of push-pull then couple days of MRT / CST metabolic circuits

    Scott Tighe

    I feel ya there are some many great ways to program it’s always hard to decide which one to choose

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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