CHAOS Sport-Speed Training…15+ years later

Great training principles will ALWAYS stand the test of time!
Great training principles will ALWAYS stand the test of time!

Flashback to 2003…it’s the NSCA National Conference in Indianapolis, IN and Jim Liston an I are presenting our CHAOS Sport-Speed concepts, progressions, drills, and protocols. Keep in mind that Jim and I did this EXACT presentation 4 years earlier at my little College of  the Canyons Clinic in 1999. Obviously we were using these concepts and protocols for several years prior to us every presenting them to other coaches and trainers right?

Ok, so over the years there have been some great research studies validating our training (this will make all the ‘evidence-based’ internet gurus happy right?)….please note the sarcasm there =o)

My point is that as coaches, trainers, practitioners in the field we can never be afraid to blaze a trail…..remember, it is US that drives the research so if we wait for the research to come out before we do what it is we think (as GOOD coaches) will benefit our athletes, we will probably be waiting forever.

Research will always be YEARS behind what great coaches are doing in the field. Think of all the great things we are doing with kettle bells, TRX, Ultimate Sandbags, and even Valslides….where is all the evidence proving what we do really works? Many of us have real-life labs…and these labs have numbers that FAR surpass the number of subjects and FAR surpass the number of trials etc. in any research study.

This isn’t a green light to do ridiculous things in your training. Also, if research DOES come out disproving your training thesis then you should be mature and responsible enough to admit you were wrong and discontinue whatever training you were doing.

Flash forward to NOW and a study that was just published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research once again reaffirming the validity of our CHAOS principles, concepts, and drills.

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Remember….coaches have and WILL ALWAYS drive the research! Without us, there would be nothing for them to study right?!

Since I feel so awesome about CHAOS Sport-speed training…and since the researchers are still (15+ years later) loving us up, I am having a BLOWOUT sale of my CHAOS Sport-Speed DVD for 50% off and also the COMBO set of the CHAOS DVD PLUS the Sleds & Ladders DVD for 50% off!

These are concepts, drills, protocols that have stood the test of time, not because they are flashy or sexy….but because IT WORKS!

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