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WOW – DB Complex

Spring-boarding off the last BID VID of the DB snatch, today we incorporate that move into a simple yet highly effective complex!

WOW – 10:20 Jump Finisher

Finishers are GREAT to finis-up a great training session. I normally don't like to tax the same muscle movers over and over but when...

WOW – Isle of Capri Circuit

This was such a great workout - basically TRX-based but MAN did it gas me! WOWCAPRI from Robert dos Remedios on Vimeo.

WOW – Med Ball Complex

Try this complex for a taxing, simple, effective Complex!  

WOW – Thruster Countdown

Today we demo a thruster countdown from 8 down to 1 rep and show it performed with 3 different implements: Barbell, Ultimate Sandbag, and...

WOW – Cruise Ship TRX / Body Weight Workout

One of my all-time fave vacation workouts - shot this a few years back while on a Disney Cruise thru the Bahamas. Enjoy!  


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