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WOW – Pull-Push-Jump-Sprint Countdown!

Try out this VERY TAXING countdown workout if you're feeling a little adventurous!

BID VID – TRX Pull and Push Combo’s

My favorite TRX pull and push combos - perfect for 30:30 circuits!  

WOW – Power Training Style Full-Body Lift

Been doing lots of MRT circuits lately so wanted to showcase a classic Power Training Full-Body lifting session! Entire workout took about 40 min....

WOW – 30:30 Circuit …. Taking this to an Intense Level!

The 30:30 is perhaps the most versatile timed protocol around - for both newbies to elites, we can get whatever we put into it....


This is my GO-TO workout when I'm traveling... Especially when I want to enjoy the outdoors! Using Only a TRX we can address ALL the...

WOW – Heavy Snatch Combo

This is a VERY effective combo for improving your snatches....for me this has be HUGE in improving every aspect of my pulls and has...

BID — Hang Position Progressions: High Pull, Clean, Snatch

Today we go back to re-visit the all-important HANG position (or power position as we often refer to it...). I take Mike Yudin through...

VLOG – “Essential Movements” to train….

Let's talking some programming basics!  

WOW – Single DB Complex

Try this complex using only a single DB! Explosive, pulling, hinging, and knee dominant moves all in one complex!


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