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Program Design FAQ’s

This is a BIGGIE! This is a bonus I filmed for those who went thru my CPDS - Certified Program Design Specialist certification.... i...

VLOG – “Essential Movements” to train….

Let's talking some programming basics!  

WOW – Basketball Full-Body Training + Post-lift Jump Training

The 'Complete Program Design' full-body training template is as good as it gets. We have tweaked and adjusted over the years  - This is...

WOW – Volleyball Density Training Session

Densities are the perfect strength training / metabolic training hybrid. When you dial in the proper loads and volumes you can create great hypertrophy...

Complete Program Design Members-ONLY Discount **SHHHHHH!!**

One of the perks of being a coachdos.com Premium member is occasional members-only deals. Well, Today I want to give my members a HUGE...


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