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K.I.S.S. Complex!

K.I.S.S. is the acronym for 'Keep it Simple Stupid' ;oP Basically we often over-think things - in the case of Complexes, sometimes Simple is BEST....

WOW – Barbell Explosive, Squat, Hinge Complex

One of the best Complexes to not only rev up the metabolism and build great strength and power.....this will really allow you to practice...

WOW – DB Complex

Spring-boarding off the last BID VID of the DB snatch, today we incorporate that move into a simple yet highly effective complex!

WOW – 3 Move Barbell Complex

Simple but rough as long as you load things up! Muscle Snatch, Push Press, and Front Squat!

WOW – Split Stance Complex

One more on the teaching line of complexes I started a few weeks ago. Today we look at "Grooving" our split stance Olympic lift...

WOW – Prehab Complex

Try this prehab complex on non-training days or recovery days to really round out your training balance!

WOW – Single DB Complex

Try this complex using only a single DB! Explosive, pulling, hinging, and knee dominant moves all in one complex!

WOW – Med Ball Complex

Try this complex for a taxing, simple, effective Complex!  

WOW – Back to Complexes!

  Decided to bring back the KING OF ALL CARDIO STRENGTH TRAINING...COMPLEXES! This complex using a hang muscle clean, Push Press, and Front Squat will tax...

WOW – Simple KB Complex

This is a VERY simple but effective KB complex...it will also help to groove your technique. Start with lighter loads with a little more...


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