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WOW – Battle Rope Finisher!

Awesome HIGH Intensity finisher to put the exclamation point on your training session!

WOW – 30:30 Circuit …. Taking this to an Intense Level!

The 30:30 is perhaps the most versatile timed protocol around - for both newbies to elites, we can get whatever we put into it....

WOW – Classic 30:30 Circuit!

30:30's are great for all fitness levels - it allows mechanical work at a mandated pace for de-trained folks but can provide VERY challenging...

WOW-Rachel Cosgrove Circuit on the Beach!

This was a killer circuit on the beach with me taking Rachel through some metabolic mayem!

WOW – Rope Countdown Finisher

This countdown is simple yet effective - grab your heavy jump rope and battle ropes and let's GOOOO!

WOW – 60:60 Circuit

BID VID – Battle Ropes Basics with Frankie

Frankie walks us through some simple Battle Rope fundamentals, techniques, and progressions!

WOW – 60:60 Circuit

Today we drop the intensity a tad and lengthen our work intervals. What I love about these types of circuits is I get to...

WOW – Countdown “Twofer” (Battle Ropes + Heavy Jump Rope)

In our 3rd installment of the "Twofer" Countdown series I take you through a Battle Ropes and Heavy Jump Rope countdown. DO WORK!


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