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WOW – My GoTo 30:30

I REALLY hang my hat on solid 30:30's as I feel this is such a great protocol to build work capacity. Today i take...

WOW – 10 Minute DB Snatch 30:30

The "Rhythmic", high-rep DB snatch has become one of my go-to moves for 30:30's. There is not much that can match the intensity yet...

BID / WOW MASHUP! Explosive Rotation Variations

Today I walk us thru my superband setup and talk about how these explosive rotations, lifts, and chops are a HUGE part of my...

WOW – Battle Rope Finisher!

Awesome HIGH Intensity finisher to put the exclamation point on your training session!

WOW – 30:30 Circuit …. Taking this to an Intense Level!

The 30:30 is perhaps the most versatile timed protocol around - for both newbies to elites, we can get whatever we put into it....

WOW – Classic 30:30 Circuit!

30:30's are great for all fitness levels - it allows mechanical work at a mandated pace for de-trained folks but can provide VERY challenging...

30:30 Hotel Workout – Fargo, ND Edition!

Another adventure squeezing in a Hotel workout while traveling - Great stuff and was pretty darn taxing. Used my fave 'DO WORK' protocol -...

WOW – TRX “Slow it Down” 30:30

Today we take pretty basic TRX moves but slow them down in order to make them more difficult (see the latest BID VID -...

WOW – 30:30 “Big guy with a Little Bag”

This is a great 30:30 using only one tool...a smaller Ultimate Sandbag. I use this bag for all 5 moves in this 30:30!

WOW – USB + TRX 30/30 Circuit

Pretty simple but HIGHLY effective metabolic circuit using a 30 sec. work / 30 sec rest protocol....give it a try!


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