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CST + Olympic Lift Programming

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    Noah Meade

    Coach Dos,

    I’ve recently been bitten by the Olympic Lifting bug. I’ve long used Hang Snatches and Cleans in my MHPT and CST workouts, but to change things up, I’m putting more focus on the classic Olympic Lifts (using programs from ya boy Wil Flemming’s book) – not to compete but just to hone technique and because they’re badass. I want to combine the Olympic training with CST style work to get the benefits of work capacity and fat loss. I’m considering doing either a 1 or 2 day Olympic training program from Wil and then 2-3 days of CST (total 4 days per week available). That’s a lot of jabber with no question – so here goes: would it be wise to move away from the density-style full body barbell work in the CST realm and do more complexes and 30:30s, kettlebell work, etc? I don’t want to overdo it (I’ll be 39 this summer), so I’d appreciate any guidance.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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