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One of my big influences in the strength and conditioning field is Mark Verstagen and once again he and Pete Williams have added another gem to their “Core Performance” series. Anyone who has read any of these books, heard Mark speak, or visited Athletes Performance will agree that Mark Verstagen is a ‘real deal’ guy with quality training and conditioning….and to top it off maybe one of the best people you will ever meet!

I was fortunate enough to read some excerpts that were forwarded to me by co-author Pete Williams and I can’t wait to get my copy of the book!

Here is a excerpt from Chapter 8 – “A New Rear View

Since the publication of our first book Core Performance in January of 2004, “core” training has become a popular buzzword. We’re proud to see it become part of the American vernacular, with so many people applying it to their own high-performance lifestyles.


 Unfortunately, some have misappropriated Core Performance and its unique movement exercises to refer almost solely to washboard abs. Core Performance Movement has always been centered around Pillar Strength, an integrated system consisting of shoulder, torso (core), and hip stability.


That first book was embraced by men but even more so by women because they had a deeper appreciation for the seamless integration, depth, and intelligence behind this strategy, which wasn’t overly clouded by testosterone and ego. Women from our Core Performance community have provided powerful insight as to how they used the program to overcome challenges to achieve things they never thought possible. That’s helped us provide even more precise, female-specific solutions in this book.

Core Performance resonates with women because it provides the perfect focus. Women have been targeted with one group-fitness trend after another when all they really want (though I hesitate to even suggest I know what women want!) is a simple yet powerful system of achieving optimal performance.

When we look at movement, there’s a tendency to put labels on various disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, and their variations and insist people study and follow them instead of stepping back and recognizing that movement is the universal language we were born with; it’s instilled in our DNA.

No longer must you feel confined to a particular discipline to give you parts of what you need. We’re going to share with you the body’s natural ability to move, tuned to your needs as a woman. That said, the Core Performance system will allow you to integrate your other passions, like yoga and Pilates.


Pre-order your copy today!

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