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Dear Premium member!

You are receiving this VIP email because you have supported me and my endeavors for many years. I want to give all of you the opportunity to get the jump on everyone else with this exciting new system.

In 2007 Men’s Health Power Training was published and it changed the way people train all over the world…. fast forward to 2015 and today I feel like a proud poppa as I release COMPLETE PROGRAM DESIGN. Think of this as “Power Training 2.0” …. but with a LOT more resources and components.

BOOM! >>>

So what is CPD? Well, it’s everything I have tweaked, played with, modified, and improved upon Power Training. More efficient systems, more extensive exercise menus, and better training results.

Let’s look at what’s included –

  • A detailed manual outlining the philosophy, science, and ins-and-outs of the training system
  • 6 DVD’s filled with HD video clips of exercises that include coaching tips, cues, and other fundamentals for each exercise. From warm-ups to mobility to sled work to Olympic lifts…. this library has it ALL!
  • 1 DVD that includes my webinar on CPD to help set the stage for the awesomeness that lies ahead of you. (also includes an MP3 version so you can download and listen in your car, when you travel etc.)
  • 1 data DVD that includes my CPD workout cards. These are the BEST in the business and what I consider the X-FACTOR in this system. These work on a pull-down menu format making this program easy and effective. They also work across all platforms (PC, MAC, Tablets etc.) Oh and did I  mention that these cards are 100% customizable to fit your exercise needs?!
  • 1 bonus DVD with 2 more webinars covering my ‘chaos sport speed training’ and ‘alternative training tools’ (both with MP3 versions so you can listen on your iPod etc.)

** Of course this entire system is available in both hard format (DVD’s and Hard copy manual that will be mailed to you) and Digitial versions that will be available for you to view and download IMMEDIATELY upon purchase!


POW! >>>

Sure you are getting VIP treatment and getting your hands on this before ANYONE else but I want to offer all of you who grab your copies of CPD through this VIP offer a HUGE bonus.

How does a 1-year membership at premium sound to you? This is a $19.95 per month subscription and yours FREE when you pick up CPD now!

DO WORK! >>>

What are you waiting for?!?



Check out the CPD promo if you want to get JUICED and ready to train!!

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Coach Dos is a sought after international speaker on a variety of conditioning topics such as Program Design, Cardio-Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting applications, Sport-speed development, Explosive training, and CHAOS™ Speed Training. Coach Dos served as Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning @ College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA, a position he had held from 1999-2015. Coach Dos is also the 2006 recipient of the National Strength and Conditioning Association‘s prestigious Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Professional of the year for 2006. This award is given to the top collegiate strength coach in the country (as voted on by his peers). In addition to contributing to Men’s Health magazine on a regular basis, Coach Dos’ first book Men’s Health Power Training (Rodale Books) was released in July 2007 and become a world-wide best seller. His second book, Cardio Strength Training (Rodale Books) is also a best-seller.