TRX, Ropes, and Bodyweight Circuit!


Ran through a couple of tough circuits @ Frankie’s lab Friday….thought I would share it with everyone. Each circuit was performed twice (2 rounds)….

Circuit #1:

  1. TRX wheelbarrel walks – 2 times across 3 aerobic steps + 5 plyo push-ups
  2. “Monkeying around” – pull-up and hang climbing variations two times across the bars
  3. TRX push complex – Push-up, T’s, and superman’s 5 times each
  4. Rope battle – 50 reps any style you choose

 TRX  Suspension Trainer: Train Like the Pros.

Circuit #2:

  1. TRX feet elevated rows (with hinging hips) – 10 times
  2. Hang leg raises – 10 reps of any variation of leg raise
  3. TRX plank position pike + saw – 10 reps
  4. Rope battle – 50 reps any style you choose.

Rest periods were up to the individual but the pace was emphasized….we normally just moved immediately to the next exercise with a quick pause between rounds. Enjoy this butt kicker!

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