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BID VID – Windmill Tips

Two BIG tips to help dial in your Windmills! No more dangerous and dysfunctional windmills being displayed on Instagram please! =o(

WOW – 20:40 KB-Only Circuit

Heavy MRT circuits are possibly the BEST protocol to gain fitness, power, strength, and lose fat. Today I use a KB-only 20:40 to put...


Such a great exercise....but one that is often hacked and done improperly

WOW – Kettlebell 20:40 MRT Circuit

So today I take us through a pretty heavy loaded 20:40 (remember the name of the game with these MRT protocols is HEAVIER LOADING...

BID VID – KB Frontal Plane Snatch + Windmill

It's nice to be able to take the KB out of the sagittal plane at times - Today I talk about "crossing the midline"...


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