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VLOG – Are you avoiding Exercises that you dislike in your...

Today I talk about front squats and complexes but more importantly the message is "are you avoiding great exercises simply because they are HARD...

VLOG – Remembering that Coaches DRIVE the Research…

Something i often bring up..... coaches drive the research. Insta-famous "coaches" who love to use the term "Evidence Based" :o(

VLOG – Force Production vs Force Absorption

In spite of the misspelling in the video clip (HAHA!) force ABSORPTION is a critical training component for ALL populations - I hope you...

VLOG – THE BEST WAY to Train ?!?!

Today I Rant about "THE BEST" way most of us should be training ;o)

VLOG – What’s all the Hoopla with Carries?

Today I explore the magical exercise we call 'THE CARRY' ;o)

VLOG – “Know it all Coaches”

Hey all! Just wanted to shoot a super quick Video Blog as this topic has been coming up quite a bit lately: Young coaches with...


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