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30:30 Hotel Workout – Fargo, ND Edition!

Another adventure squeezing in a Hotel workout while traveling - Great stuff and was pretty darn taxing. Used my fave 'DO WORK' protocol -...


This is my GO-TO workout when I'm traveling... Especially when I want to enjoy the outdoors! Using Only a TRX we can address ALL the...

WOW – TRX ONLY Density Session

Today I put together one of the TOUGHER Density sessions ever....a TRX-ONLY Density. I know, sounds hokey....but it's NOT. This is a hypertrophy-laded, heavy...

WOW – “Shanghai Heat” TRX Hotel Room Workout

This traditional circuit ended-up being pretty darn awesome! Try 3-4 rounds of this circuit performing 10 reps of each move! DO WORK!

WOW – TRX “Slow it Down” 30:30

Today we take pretty basic TRX moves but slow them down in order to make them more difficult (see the latest BID VID -...

BID VID – “Go-To” Valslide moves

I re-visit my go-to valslide moves...these are the move EVERYONE should be doing with their slides!

WOW – The SINGLE Superband Workout!

This workout is PERFECT when you're on the road (and why you should always pack a superband in your bag when you travel)!


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