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Plyometric Push-up Reminders!

Taking some of the tidbits that we use with lower body Plyometrics and applying them UP TOP! Remember, Deceleration and load absorption is also...

WOW – Pull-Push-Jump-Sprint Countdown!

Try out this VERY TAXING countdown workout if you're feeling a little adventurous!

WOW – Pushup + Squat Jump Countdown

One of my fave Finishers or even just a standalone 5 minute DOOZY of a workout!  

WOW – MRT Circuit #2

Here's a follow-up 15:45 to piggy back off last week's circuit - This is more of a traditional strength circuit (less exercises, no air...

BID VID – Plyometric Push-up Tips

Plyo pushups are the KING of all upper body explosive exercises and great for exposing core strength. Check out some tips and nuances with...


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