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WOW – 10 Minute DB Snatch 30:30

The "Rhythmic", high-rep DB snatch has become one of my go-to moves for 30:30's. There is not much that can match the intensity yet...

WOW – Battle Rope Finisher!

Awesome HIGH Intensity finisher to put the exclamation point on your training session!

WOW – Barbell Explosive, Squat, Hinge Complex

One of the best Complexes to not only rev up the metabolism and build great strength and power.....this will really allow you to practice...

WOW – Sled Suicides!

This is great to really get the juices flowing and you don't have a lot of space. The stopping and starting of 'suicides' adds...

WOW – KB Squat / Hinge Countdown

Simple but NOT easy....give this countdown a shot if you want a quick workout that will surely get your ventilation GOING! WOW KB SQUAT HINGE...

Our Complete MISUNDERSTANDING of HIIT….once again.

OK...I am officially the world's 'worst 'blogger' so I am recyling an older blog post because, like a bear has no other choice but...


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