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WOW – Pull-Push-Jump-Sprint Countdown!

Try out this VERY TAXING countdown workout if you're feeling a little adventurous!

WOW – Pushup + Squat Jump Countdown

One of my fave Finishers or even just a standalone 5 minute DOOZY of a workout!  

WOW – Thruster Countdown

Today we demo a thruster countdown from 8 down to 1 rep and show it performed with 3 different implements: Barbell, Ultimate Sandbag, and...

WOW – KB Squat / Hinge Countdown

Simple but NOT easy....give this countdown a shot if you want a quick workout that will surely get your ventilation GOING! WOW KB SQUAT HINGE...

WOW – Ultimate Sandbag Ladder

  This one turned out a LOT tougher than I imagined - a countdown/count-up ladder using the USB and a clean-press-squat combo at the top...


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