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Plyometric Push-up Reminders!

Taking some of the tidbits that we use with lower body Plyometrics and applying them UP TOP! Remember, Deceleration and load absorption is also...

BID VID – Windmill Tips

Two BIG tips to help dial in your Windmills! No more dangerous and dysfunctional windmills being displayed on Instagram please! =o(

BID VID – 1/2 Kneeling Med Ball Rotational Throws

Great variation to really place rotational power production and absorption on the torso - much more so than standing split stance positions. Give these...


Such a great exercise....but one that is often hacked and done improperly

WOW – Battle Rope Finisher!

Awesome HIGH Intensity finisher to put the exclamation point on your training session!

BID VID – Anti-Rotation FUN with Superbands!

More ideas for FUNCTIONAL core work using superbands!

BID VID – Posterior Core work with TRX RIP “Paddleboard”

We often neglect the POSTERIOR when training our core - our ability to generate and resist force in and from that direction is critical...

WOW – Power Training Style Full-Body Lift

Been doing lots of MRT circuits lately so wanted to showcase a classic Power Training Full-Body lifting session! Entire workout took about 40 min....

BID VID – KB Anti-Rotational Swing

A GREAT exercise to hit several qualities at once - the Anti-rotational KB swing. Today I attach a 1 inch superband to a Beast...

VLOG – What’s all the Hoopla with Carries?

Today I explore the magical exercise we call 'THE CARRY' ;o)


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