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VLOG – The Popularity of “TRUE” MRT is gaining some steam!

While driving up to Northern California I decided to talk about MRT and the benefits of TRUE heavy-lifting protocols! I talk about the 'HIRT...

BID VID – TRX Pull and Push Combo’s

My favorite TRX pull and push combos - perfect for 30:30 circuits!  

VLOG – THE BEST WAY to Train ?!?!

Today I Rant about "THE BEST" way most of us should be training ;o)

VLOG – Understanding Work:Rest Intervals… Programming Basics

Today I talk about some misunderstandings and programming basics in relation to deciding work:rest intervals, loading, goals etc. #trainsmart

Cardio Strength Training Staff Training lecture @ Breakthru Fitness, Pasadena, CA

Ever wonder what a staff training lecture looks like when I go to some of the best gyms in the country? Here is my...

WOW – Volleyball Density Training Session

Densities are the perfect strength training / metabolic training hybrid. When you dial in the proper loads and volumes you can create great hypertrophy...


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