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BID VID – TRX RIP Pitchfork

Another way for us to target 'posterior core' from many levels!

BID VID – Anti-Rotation FUN with Superbands!

More ideas for FUNCTIONAL core work using superbands!

BID VID – Posterior Core work with TRX RIP “Paddleboard”

We often neglect the POSTERIOR when training our core - our ability to generate and resist force in and from that direction is critical...

BID VID – KB Anti-Rotational Swing

A GREAT exercise to hit several qualities at once - the Anti-rotational KB swing. Today I attach a 1 inch superband to a Beast...

BID VID – TRX RIP Mirror Strikes

Frankie has been awesome coming up with new and effective drills to perform using the TRX RIP Trainer. Today he breaks down a partner...


  Try out this cool move using the TRX Rip Trainer - it will take your rotational training to the next level!

BID VID – TRX Pallof Press Variations

The TRX or other suspension trainer is a GREAT way to work anti-rotation via Pallof Press Variations - Give these a try!

BID VID – Ultimate Sand Bag Cyclone (Around the World)

Today we break down a GREAT rotational core move using the USB, the 'around the world' or as I find myself calling them..."Cyclones". I...

Bid VID – TRX Grappler Pull-Push Core/Total Body

Perhaps the BEST TRX core move ever? Could be - this classic pull-push combines tremendous rotation, anti-rotation, pulling, and pushing (and explosive to boot!)all...

Bid Vid – TRX Core anti-rotation / rotation

IMO our best BID VID to date.....easily one of the most dynamic and effective TRX core exercises EVER! Now go try to 'stir the...


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