BID VID & WOW’s Data Discs are HERE!

Well, we have finally done it folks! We have compiled WOW’s (workouts of the week) and BID Vids (Break it down videos) onto data discs that can easily be downloaded to your computer, smart phones, tablets for viewing when you travel, at the gym, ANYWHERE!

The WOW compilation consists of 2 data discs featuring over 90 workouts and over 9 hours of footage! These are real-time workouts feature Men’s Health Power Training sessions, Density Sessions, Timed circuits, Finishers, and a variety of other CST circuits.

The BID Vid compilation consists of 1 data disc featuring over 70 break it down videos totaling over 5 hours of awesome footage! These BID Vids cover exercises like TRX moves, Kettlebell tips, Olympic lift variations, sandbag exercises and a TON of others.

As a BONUS if you buy either of these products, you will receive a DVD of my 75 min. “Building Better Athletes” lecture on designing programs from the ground up from the 2011 Perform Better summits. this DVD also features highlights from my highly acclaimed hands-on session in Long Beach, CA!


BID VID Compilation DISC + Bonus DVD $39.99


WOW’s Compilation 2 DISC Set + Bonus DVD $49.99

DISCOUNTED Bundle package of BOTH BID Vid and WOW’s DISCS with BONUS DVD(Save over $20!) $69.50

Highlights from the FREE ‘Building Better Athletes’ DVD that comes with EITHER of the DISC sets above!


Please note that these are DATA discs and not DVD’s. These allow you to see each wow or BID vid as an individual file then save to your computer, smartphone, tablet etc. as you choose. These MP4 files are easy to view via just about any media player like windows media player, iTunes, quicktime player etc.