Spartacus Band workout with Dave Schmitz!


I can’t say enough about Dave Schmitz (aka the “Rubber Band Man”). I met Dave a few years ago at a seminar in Littlerock Arkansas …he introduced me to band training….and left me a helpless heap of a mess on the floor after some speed squats, jumps, drags, you name it. We use a TON of band work in our training and this is just one example of what Dave and Bands bring to the table….another GREAT tool for the toolbox!

DISCLAIMER: For the record, Dave is a BEAST. His fitness, power, and strength are THROUGH THE ROOF…..this workout is MUCH harder than he’s making it look =0)

*I suggest trying an equal work:rest ratio like a 45:45 or a 60:60 circuit the first time you try this workout

First of all Dos thanks for welcoming me onto

This is really exciting for me because after watching some of the vids and reading some of the articles I think your community is going to enjoy this workout I put together for them.

Dos you know I love training with bands and have been known to even put you through a workout or to but that is for another post.

Getting workouts in can be tough sometimes, especially if you have family, travel or simply don’t feel like hitting the gym.   That’s exactly why I created this single band workout.  What you are about to see is a workout that can become literally 8 to 10 different workouts depending on your goal.

You are going to see me train for 60 seconds during which time I perform a beginner, intermediate and advanced progression on 1 exercise.   Typically I make this a 10 – 60 second rounds which means I repeat these same 5 exercises for 5 total rounds.  That’s your call.  While you are rocking with me in this workout, you can stay at the beginner level or vary between all 3 levels or climb the progression ladder with me.  After 1 round of 5-60 second bouts with 15 second transition… Rest for 1 minute and let’s hit again.

Dos, I hope you members enjoy my Resistance Band Spartacus workout

Spartacus Part 1

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