Putting the ‘sub 4.0 second forty’ in perspective…


It was only a matter of time before the ‘what would Usain Bolt be able to do in the NFL?!” questions started to pop up. Well, the most recent article on his projected 40 yard sprint time has only served to fuel the fire. Seems that based on his world record 100 meter time he would have run an electronic timed 3.97 forty yard sprint or a 3.73 second hand-timed forty. This is even more impressive when we take a look at a short list of the ‘fastest’ NFL forty yard sprint performers….

Fastest NFL Combine 40-Yard Times 4.19 – Deion Sanders (DB), Florida State – 1989 (Hand Timed)
4.24 – Chris Johnson (RB), East Carolina – 2008
4.24 – Rondel Melendez (WR), Eastern Kentucky – 1999
4.28 – Jerome Mathis, (WR), Hampton – 2005 (electronic)
4.29 – Fabian Washington, (CB), Nebraska – 2005
4.30 – Darrent Williams, (CB), Oklahoma State – 2005

4.30 – Yamon Figurs, (WR), Kansas State – 2007

Ok, First off, why is it that when we hear that someone can flat out run in straight line that they somehow will automatically have success in the CHAOTIC game of football?? We are talking apples vs. oranges folks…..track athletes run in a straight line with occaional left turns, period. Football is about a 98% chaotic, change of direction sport where deceleration is as or maybe even MORE important than acceleration. Now factor in the fact that you will be, running routes against a defenders will and, oh…yeah….getting hit in the mouth, and we truly start to see the dissimilarities between these apples and oranges. Let’s quit speculating how Bolt would do in the NFL…..this guys is sheduled to make over $10 million a year in endorsements soon so it is highly unlikely that he will be willing to let someone hit him in the mouth for NFL minimum $.

The demands of sports like football, soccer, volleyball, basketball etc. require SPORT-SPEED. This is speed in the real-world….the type of speed and strength that allows for quick acceleration and the ability to decelerate WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO DECELERATE! This is what I call CHAOS…..training your athletes to be the most efficient at these demands. Here is a peek my CHAOS Sport-Speed DVD…check out this crazy special (below) that’ I’m running for ONE WEEK ONLY!

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