OK! Here’s your last minute Gift Guide for the Fitness-minded person!


As usual I am late to the party (hey there’s always expedited shipping and some of these are instant downloads!!) but I was thinking of all the great things out there and decided to Blog a list of my Top 10 Holiday gifts list…..so here we GOOOOOO!

1. Valslides – EVERYBODY needs a pair of these! For me, these are ESSENTIAL when I travel! Oh…and it doesn’t get much better than BLACK-ON-BLACK! =o)

2. “Every Day is Game Day” by Mark Verstagen and Pete Williams – Mark & Pete started IT ALL with “Core Performance” and they’ve evolved nicely over the years. I just got an advanced copy and I am just WHIZZING through this book! Great stuff!

3. Ultimate Sandbag – Josh Henkin and Jessica Bento have created what I consider one of the best training SYSTEMS ever seen in our industry. This is MUCH MORE than a ‘bag of sand’ folks, this is a TRAINING SYSTEM that happens to include this great tool. Get one!

4. Sorinex War Hammer – The war Hammer is an adjustable mace/sledgehammer! This bad boy adjusts from 12lbs up to 50lbs. and it is a BEAST! Sorinex’s Free Shipping made this a no-brainer gift TO MYSELF this Holiday Season! =o)

5. Wil Fleming’s “Complete Olympic Lifting” DVD – THE BEST Olympic Lifting DVD I have ever seen, period. Beginner or advanced…this is the DVD for you!

6. Hyperwear Sandrope – This is a brand new tool from the makers of the best weighted vests ever made… This is a MONSTER and a brutal addition for your metabolic mayhem! Check it out in action here

7. TRX “Join the CORE” – TRX CORE is an exclusive Club for to help TRX Instructors take their training to the next level. The site is FULL of resources like videos, group discussions, and great perks for members.

8. Just about EVERYTHING on the The Perform Better SALES PAGE! – WAY too much to list but Perform Better has some amazing tools and toys on sale through 12/31/13 with Free Shipping on orders over $49!  TRX, Superbands, Mini-bands, Foam Rollers, USB’s, Valslides and MUCH MORE!  #kidinacandystore

9. Movement Lectures – Laree Draper has worked her tail off to create something pretty special with the Movement Lectures Education Group. Select your lecture from the expert of your choosing and BOOM Instant download and PDF transcript of some of the best lectures ever given! Listening to lectures on my iPhone during travel etc. has become my best move and has kept me on top of my game!

10. Coachdos.com PREMIUM , Workout cards, and DVD’s – OK-OK…did you really think I wasn’t going to throw myself in the mix here?! I honestly believe we have the best online resource in conditioning today. Every week I am posting member-only BID (break it down) and WOW (workout of the week) videos…this is BRAND NEW CONTENT each and every week. In addition, I am here on our Forum for any and all of your training questions and discussions. Look for more great additions in coachdos.com PREMIUM for 2014! =o) (Use the coupon code ‘2013CLOSEOUT’ to get 25% off of ALL coachdos.com merchandise from DVD’s to workout cards to premium membership)


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