Mike Boyle’s Strength Coach 3.0 is here!!


At 12:00pm Eastern today, Wednesday October 21, Mike Boyle is releasing his newest resource, Functional Strength Coach 3.0 – A Joint by Joint Approach to Training.

Mike Boyle has been a HUGE influence in my training since I got into this game over 20 years ago (remember that Mike write the foreword to my book!). He is a ‘go to guy’ if there ever was one! I will be getting my hands on this program ASAP….AND SO SHOULD YOU!

I don’t want to waste a bunch of space breaking down the details of what’s covered in Functional Strength Coach 3.0. Click on the above link to get the details. But I do know this: The program launches at noon and Mike is offering a pretty cool bonus to the first 100 people who order.

There are TONS of people who are excited about this program so if you want to be one of The First 100 to get access to the bonus Mike is offering, you better get to the site a few minutes before noon EASTERN and get ready to repeatedly hit that ‘refresh’ button so you can beat all the other coaches and trainers who will be jockeying for one of those coveted spots (in addition to being one of the first people on the planet to get Mike Boyle’s newest resource).

It’s a rare occasion that a program comes out that you can call a ‘Game Changer’.

But this is one of those programs that you *know* every coach and trainer worth their salt is going to be using and talking about, myself included.

And that starts in a few hours.


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