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Ok, so we are less than a week away from the greatest training and conditioning summit IN THE WORLD, the Perform Better 3-day in Long Beach, CA and I can’t wait! I often get asked who I would recommend seeing during each time slot. Well it’s VERY tough to pick just one and with 4 great presenters every 90 min. things can get crazy!

I’ll try my best but obviously some folks like the lectures more, are into the business aspect more, want to learn more about the re-hab portion of training etc. etc. Anyway here we GOOOOO!

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Yup! All these awesome folks are gonna be in Long Beach (Martin Rooney, Nick Winkleman, Mike Boyle, and Chris Poirier!

Friday 8/8

9:15am – John Brookfield has a hands-on only presentation on “Ground Force Production”. If you’ve ever had a chance to see John in action, you are in for a TREAT! On the lecture side, you can’t go wrong with Mark Verstagen who is presenting “Everyday is Gameday”

10:15am – Rachel Cosgrove is giving an awesome lecture on “Becoming the CEO of  your Career in the Fitness Industry”. Rachel is brilliant at getting us motivated to be better at everything that we do. On the Hands-on side you will get smarter just by being in the room with Lee Burton as he presents on “Functional Exercise Progressions”

Noon – Lunch ..Get your butt over to the hands-on I room and join us for the Ultimate Sandbag / Perform Better Clean & Press Challenge as we raise more $ for the Animal Shelter and give away great prizes to the challenge winners!

1:15pm – Rachel Cosgrove and her team will be crushing a hands-on workout and if you have ever been to a Results Fitness-workout you KNOW you better bring your water! On the lecture side, Gray Cook talks about “The best functional training exercises in the world”. I got to see this lecture when Gray and I did the Perform Better 1-day in Jersey and it was awesome.

2:45pm – I have 2-words to describe Todd Wright…DA MAN. Todd is talking about 3D Functional Core training and his lectures are some of the best lectures I have ever experienced. You DO NOT want to miss this one.

4:15pm – yes my man-crush continues as I will tell my staff and interns to go to Todd Wright’s hands-on….when you get a chance to learn from one of the BEST Coaches in the biz in a hands-on environment you RUN to hands-on Room I for the last slot of the day!

5:30pm – There is a Special Guest Speaker…this is alway a treat!

6:30pm – BOOM! The Social! I will be there with my GoPro trying to get some words of wisdom from all the presenters and trainers in attendance for my video blog =o)

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The MAN himself – Todd Wright!

Saturday 8/9

8am – The day Starts early on Saturday so suck it up, grab your coffee and head over to Josh Henkin’s Hands-on presentation of his DVRT training system. I got to help Josh out with this presentation in Chicago and plan to help again in Long Beach (If he will have me) – You will learn a TON here and you will be much smarter by 9:15am. If your head is pounding and you’re nursing from the night before and decide to go the lecture route, Mike Boyle is doing his lecture on “Training groups and Teams”. I have seen this lecture a few ties this year during our 1-day’s together and, as usual, Boyle KILLS IT.

9:30am – Sue Falsone is BAAAAACK and better than ever. Her Lecture on “AP, DNS, IDN, VM, PRI, XYZ, LMNOP – Organizing your Toolbox” was heralded as the BEST presentation of the Chicago Summit – you don’t want to miss this one. That noise you hear at the other end of the convention center? That’s just Martin Rooney and his Warriors SMASHING 200 people in his hands-on ;o)

11:00am – Vern Gambetta is one of the pioneers and he will be doing his hands-on on “Foundational Strength”, if you have never seen Vern present do it here. There’s also a guy lecturing on some sort of CHAOS sport-speed stuff as well.

12:15pm – Lunch once again…Get your butt over to the hands-on I room and join us for the Ultimate Sandbag / Perform Better Clean & Press Challenge as we raise more $ for the Animal Shelter and give away great prizes to the challenge winners!

1:30pm – All the cool people will be in Hands-On II …well, all my assistants and interns will HAVE to be there helping me with my CHAOS hands-on presentation haha! I will also be incorporating Josh Henkin’s crew and more than likely the Results Fitness crew into my session #ihavemadconnections .  For you lecture-lovers you MUST see Martin Rooney. I gotta tell you, I had to follow this lecture in Boston and to say I was stressing out would be an understatement….Martin will get you frickin AMPED and inspired on so many levels – It’s really his gift.

3:oopm – You really never want to miss an Alwyn Cosgrove hands-on workout….my man puts it down so once again, bring your water. Chris Mohr is also lecturing during this slot on “Eating your Medicine”. Chris is a nutrition-genius and an awesome presenter. This time slot is a tough one as Nick Winkleman is also lecturing next door on “Stop shouting I can’t hear my Motivation Talking”….Nick is the bomb as well.

4pm – Q&A with the presenters for an hour ( it’s around 5pm when the forces of the “Auld Dubliner” Irish Pub across the street pulls me over there…)

They pour a PROPER Guinness Pint here!

Sunday 8/10

8:00am – 8am will come FAST Sunday am but get your butt up and get down to see one of the smartest guys in the Biz, Greg Rose lecture on “What to do when the Movement Screen has Pain”. Greg is a brilliant guy but his ability to convey the message to ‘regular’ folks is great.

9:30am – Todd Durkin is lecturing on “Extraordinary Self”. I’ve seen this lecture a couple of times and it’s great. Todd is a super-motivator and coach and you will get better just from his energy alone.

11:00am – One of my heroes, the man who put my CSCCa Masters jacket on me a few years ago, and a man I consider to be the greatest strength to ever do what we do, Robb Rogers will be doing his hands-on on “Sequencing exercises for maximum training effect”. Ask ANYONE who knows Robb and you will get one overwhelmingly agreed-upon reaction …. ROBB IS AN AMAZING GUY! Don’t miss this as the Long Beach wraps up the 2014 tour!

Robb and I feeling it…..

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