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My good friend Nick Grantham along with Duncan French have put together an amazing DVD & Manual called ‘Prepare 2 Perform’. I was asked to review it a while back and, if I really liked it, to write the foreword for the manual. Well, let’s just say that I was thoroughly impressed with this product. Here’s my foreword….I think it says it all.

The field of strength and conditioning is literally saturated with information….some good, some not so good. Because of this wealth of information it is extremely important to educate oneself when deciding exactly who to listen to or to decipher between sound information versus information that is off base.

 As someone who has been actively involved in this field for over 20 years I have grown to develop a keen sense of the ‘real’ people in this arena. My rules in identifying these folks are actually very simple. First off, what is this person’s background? How long has he/she been a PRACTITIONER in this field? What are his/her results? and lastly does he/she manage to make a sound living based on how well he/she does their job? It is imperative that these people are actively involved in training on a daily basis…..there is absolutely no substitute for experience.

Both Duncan French and Nick Grantham are the ‘real deal’. Their bodies of work speak for themselves, they are both lifelong learners, true practitioners, and innovators in the field of strength and conditioning. I rely on folks like these two to insure that I stay at the top of my game.

A great part of their experience and education has led them to develop one of the most comprehensive and practical movement prep programs I have ever seen. In this Olympic Movement Preparation package they have come up with not only an effective and efficient series of movements to prepare athletes and clients for the demands of the Olympic lifts, they have provided a simple background of the science and rationale behind it. The use of complexes have long been a favorite of mine for both warm-ups and metabolic training; this package takes it to another level. After reading the manual and viewing the DVD you will come away with incredible insight into the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of these movements and also an arsenal of exercises that will ready the body for performance based movement and training.

Enjoy; you are in the hands of very capable strength and conditioning specialists now!”

Here’s a sample clip from the DVD. Clear, concise, and VERY easy to follow!


Prepare 2 Perform is completed and ready to roll and along with getting the DVD and Manual, you will get access to a members only blog where you can personally ask Nick and Duncan questions!

From now until December 24, 2010 it is selling for almost 30% off of its $110 price ($78). Get on it, you will use this resource again and again and again! For more information and to pick up your P2P package go here.

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