A Great Challenge – An even GREATER CAUSE!


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My very good friend Josh Henkin creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and DVRT system has put together an awesome challenge that will be held at the Perform Better Summit in Long beach next weekend (August 8-10). Below is the link to his site where all the details can be found so I won’t repeat it all in my blog post. Instead, I wanted to post my latest attempt at the clean and press challenge using the 130lb Burly Ultimate Sandbag. My previous best was 31 reps and today I managed to get 33. I was off my goal of 35+ but my ultimate goal of 40 reps in 5 min. is still on the board….I plan on getting this early this fall (during football season of course!).

Anyway here is the link to Josh’s site where he lays out the challenge and how it will raise EVEN MORE MONEY for our annual Animal Shelter donation activities

Here’s my latest attempt!


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